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Faecal Incontinence Webinar

Date: Wednesday 6th September 2017
Time: 19:00 – 19:45

Speaker: Dr Anton Emmanuel, Senior Lecturer & Consultant Neuro-Gastroenterologist at University College London

1 in 40 people you know are faecally incontinent on an at least monthly basis. As patients age, this prevalence increases. Bowel incontinence is a Cinderella topic – with patients often embarrassed to mention it and clinicians feeling there is little to be done. This is especially distressing as faecal incontinence is the commonest reason to be placed in a care home, and because there is much that can be done to manage the condition.

Key learning outcomes:

• How to identify patients with faecal incontinence these patients and what basic assessment is needed to inform a management plan
• Evidence for diet, medication and devices
• When to refer on for specialist care in a minority of patients
• Q&A session for participant questions


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