Clinicians come together to improve bladder health

Nov 17, 2021

New Bladder Interest Group launches

The new Bladder Interest Group offers expert led education, resources and support for UK healthcare professionals to improve bladder health and patient lives.

The Bladder Interest Group, a partner of the Bowel Interest Group, aims to improve bladder management through:

  • Raising its profile with all healthcare professionals.
  • Providing education on treatment options in primary care.
  • Sharing expert consensus advice and best practice.

The Bladder Interest Group has been developed by a multidisciplinary group of bladder management experts representing primary and secondary care as well as patient advocates.

Meet the expert faculty:

  • Rizwan Hamid – Consultant Urological Surgeon
  • Anne Connolly MBE – GPSI & RCGP Clinical Champion
  • Angela Rantell – Lead Urogynaecology Nurse
  • Sarah Hillery – Lead Urology Nurse
  • Paula Igualada-Martinez – Lead Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist
  • Jacq Emkes – National Patient Advocate
  • Polly Weston – Lead Nurse Bladder & Bowel Service

Find out more about these UK key opinion leaders in bladder management.

The Bladder Interest Group produces multimedia resources, exclusive events and latest news on bladder health, management, and treatment.

The site will have a wide range of resources including on demand webinars, reports, leaflets, factsheets and more.

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Rizwan Hamid, Chair of the Bladder Interest Group, commented, “I strongly feel that bladder problems are one area where all healthcare professionals and most importantly patients themselves need to come together to tackle the wide range of issues that can affect bladder function.

“There is a stigma attached to the problems of bladder which are either blamed on ageing or psychological issues. I am passionate to not only remove the stigma but also increase the awareness of bladder dysfunction and to reiterate that most, if not all, bladder problems can be tackled and improved if not cured. I also want to instil confidence in people with a bladder dysfunction to come forward and ensure that the people suffering are not alone.

“I feel a close cooperation between various healthcare professionals is the best way to holistically help people with bladder issues. I am very excited to be part of this diverse, multidisciplinary group and hope that together we will listen, support and treat people with bladder issues.”

For more information, visit the site and begin improving bladder health for your patients today.

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