Implantica announces launch of RefluxStop™ in UK

Mar 29, 2022

Implantica AG, a med-tech company providing smart medical implants using advanced eHealth technology announces that the first RefluxStop™ procedures have been successfully performed in the UK.

Mr. Nicholas Boyle, Founder and Medical Director of RefluxUK, performed the first implants of RefluxStop™ in the UK. RefluxUK is a national partnership of medical specialists and surgeons and the largest in the UK treating gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). The procedures were performed at the King Edward VII Hospital in London on March 3, 2022. Both patients, who had been suffering significant symptoms of GERD for many years, were discharged within 24 hours of their surgeries.

Mr. Boyle, who is an upper gastro-intestinal surgeon and specialist in the treatment of GERD, said, “The procedures were straightforward and went well. We’re confident that our patients will benefit enormously. RefluxUK is delighted to be able to add RefluxStop™ to the options we can offer to the many people that will benefit from surgical treatment.”

“With the market launch in the UK last week, Implantica has achieved yet another milestone on its way to creating a potential paradigm shift in acid reflux treatment with RefluxStop™, the first of its kind reflux breakthrough therapy. Implantica is committed to work with leading surgeons, hospitals and key stakeholders to continue to demonstrate excellent clinical outcomes, major patient benefits and expand treatment availability across the UK,” said Peter Forsell, CEO of Implantica.

“We look forward to continuing to work together with this highly respected KOL, Mr. Boyle, and leading center, King Edward VII Hospital. Mr. Boyle is not only the Founder of RefluxUK but also Vice President of the European Foregut Society, and we are very pleased to have our procedure launched at RefluxUK. With over 4.5 million daily acid reflux sufferers in the UK and approximately 400’000 patients annually diagnosed with acid reflux and heartburn, we anticipate more and more hospitals and KOLs to begin operating with RefluxStop™,” said Peter Forsell, CEO of Implantica.

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