Importance of Adherence Report

Jul 22, 2021

The Bowel Interest Group’s new report is now available to download

The Bowel Interest Group have launched a new report on the Importance of Adherence.

Building on the success of its Cost of Constipation report, the Bowel Interest Group is now exploring the importance of medication adherence and how HCPs can support patients to adhere to their prescribed therapies through positive and actionable change.

The aims of this report are to educate on the reality of the current rates of adherence, and to present positive and actionable change for healthcare professionals, to raise awareness of what you can do to promote medication adherence.

BIG Faculty member, Dr Ben Disney said:

“On reviewing this report, what strikes me is the sheer scale of non-adherence, which NICE places at 33-50% in the UK. However, what also becomes clear is that there are solutions, and the most basic yet most important of these is the need for we as clinicians to spend a good amount of time talking to the patient.”

Watch BIG’s experts review the Importance of Adherence Report

Hear Professor Anton Emmanuel and Dr Ben Disney discuss their key takeaways from the new Importance of Adherence Report in this on-demand webinar. The Bowel Interest Group board members discussed the fundamental features of the patient journey, top tips for healthcare professionals and the crucial solutions to tackle non-adherence.