Making Sense of NICE Guidance for Bowel Care

Benefits for your practice and patients

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Jan 16, 2023

This report describes how following NICE guidance can support healthcare professionals by producing contemporary evidence-based patient care recommendations, as well as delivery of service improvements.

‘Making Sense of NICE Guidance for Bowel Care’ confronts the challenge of keeping up to date with ever-expanding medical literature while managing large workloads.

Given BIG’s area of expertise, this report centres on the value of NICE guidance in the field of bowel care, but the messages are applicable to the widest range of healthcare. 


  • A foreword from Professor Anton Emmanuel
  • NICE: An overview
  • The importance of following NICE guidelines
  • How NICE guidelines are developed
  • Tackling the challenges and NICE’s future strategy
  • Case studies relating to bowel care

“Healthcare professionals face a range of challenges. Clinical workloads are increasing both in primary and secondary care. Funding of healthcare is under strain as never before. Coupled with staff shortages, this is placing increasing constraints on the opportunities available for healthcare professionals to keep abreast of the rapidly advancing medical literature”.

The Bowel Interest Group (BIG) is a multi-disciplinary group dedicated to raising the profile of bowel management. The group provides evidence driven educational resources to support healthcare professionals treating patients with bowel conditions.  

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