Managing Childhood Constipation Webinar

Date: Wednesday 19th June 7pm-7:30pm – on-demand version now available
Speaker: June Rogers MBE – RN, RSCN, DPSN, BA(Hons), MSc, ENB216, ENBN01, ENB978.

June is a Children’s Specialist Nurse, working at Bladder and Bowel UK, under the umbrella of the charity Disabled Living. She has over 30 years’ experience working with children and young people with bladder and bowel problems. June has published widely and presented papers both nationally and internationally as well as winning a number of awards for her work. June has been involved with a number of national working parties both for the DH and NICE re continence issues and is currently a member of the NHS England ‘Excellence in Continence Care National Programme Board’.

Full Title: Managing childhood constipation

Description: Constipation is a common childhood problem affecting up to 30% of all children at any one time. However it is a problem that is often under diagnosed and undertreated. The impact of ongoing constipation can be devastating, both for the child and family, leading to a chronic condition with all the associated problems, including faecal impaction with ongoing soiling.

Not only will this will have a consequential impact of the child’s health and well being, including risk of name calling and bullying in school, but also a potential financial cost to the NHS with increased A&E attendance and secondary care referrals.

This short webinar presentation will give an overview of the assessment and treatment of idiopathic constipation in childhood with an emphasis on early intervention. The key recommendations from NICE Guidelines and Quality Standards will be threaded throughout the session.